Soul Reading and Past Life Sessions with Katrina

Soul Reading/Mediumship

An overview from spirit perspective of your current life and insights to make it more joyful and fulfilling. No questions asked of you, the less I know the easier it is to give you a clear reading. Free will always is foremost and no one can tell you what you or another person will do.. If you wish to record your session, bring your phone/device and try it out before your appointment. Katrina is a trained medium with 25+ years of experience. 

By appointment, $165

Past Life Regression

Your journey to the past life soul reading of most significance to your present life situation. Gain insight and retrieve lost parts of your self/soul. A light state of hypnosis is used, while you are fully aware and recalling all that takes place. Katrina takes notes for you, or if you wish to record bring a device and try it out before your appointment.

By appointment, 2hrs, $185


Katrina is a fully certified Hypnotherapist, Stillpoint graduate, Advanced EFT practitioner, and director of Transformations Center for Healing and Holistic Studies on Barnstable Harbor for 17 years. She now is on staff at Healthsigns Center on 6A, YarmouthPort. Hypnotherapy and EFT sessions are $165 for 90 minutes/ or $480 for a series of 4 sessions prepaid.