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Mystery of Egyptian Temples

Temple of Hathor, Dendera

Sail down the Nile and enter each temple along the way. Experience the story of the ancients depicted on the walls.

If you would like to be added to the list and receive information about a small group tour in January/February, 2020

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Small Group Travel


As a certified International Tour Manager, (ITMI) Katrina has led over 40 tours to Egypt and surrounding areas since 1990. She lived in Zemalek, Egypt and speaks the Egyptian dialect of Arabic.

Fully escorted, Led by English/Arabic Speaking Guides and Egyptologists. Egyptian Mystery and Magic

The Pyramids at Giza Plateau

The tour will end with a Healing Ceremony inside The Great Pyramid

On our luxurious Nile cruise, we'll stop at each major temple along the Nile and learn about the Gods and Goddesses, Pharaohs and Queens to whom the magnificent temples were dedicated. Our tour ends with a powerful healing ceremony inside the King's Chamber of The Great Pyramid at Giza. Now is the time to experience the Mystery and Magic of Ancient Egypt! Egyptian Mystery and Magic