Egyptian Mystery and Magic

Join Katrina on a relaxing 15-day tour, including a 5-night private Nile Cruise

our own private Dahabeyya


A dahabiyya is a large felucca sailboat with 10 cabins. We have a holistic-oriented private Nile cruise with our own chef and staff to take care of us.  Health practitioners will be on board to offer relaxing treatments. There's even a comfortable space for optional meditations and discussions

Our egyptologist guide, ehab mahmoud


Ehab will accompany us throughout the tour. He is multi-lingual and  has a great deal of knowledge about the history and mythology of his country.

The Pyramids at Giza Plateau

The tour will end with a Healing Ceremony inside The Great Pyramid

On our private Nile cruise, we'll stop at each major temple along the Nile and learn about the Gods and Goddesses, Pharaohs and Queens to whom the magnificent temples were dedicated. Our tour includes a powerful healing ceremony inside the King's Chamber of The Great Pyramid at Giza. Now is the time to experience the Mystery and Magic of Ancient Egypt! 

Travel Tips


Travel Insurance

Egypt Air Non-Stop JFK to Cairo

Travel Tips and Useful Sites

It also includes information about tipping:

This one compares costs in Egypt vs US and shows US dollars vs Egyptian pounds

Explanation of Egyptian Currency


Flights Within Egypt Included in Tour Price

Cairo/Luxor, Aswan/Cairo



   Will it be hot in Egypt in January?

Temperature in January ranges 65-75F in Cairo and about 10 degrees warmer in Upper Egypt. Nights are cool and dry. Humidity hovers around zero and it is perfect touring weather. Egypt receives around 1-2 inches of rain a year.

Will I get seasick on the Nile Cruise?

Unlike being on an ocean liner, there are no waves or tides. Village life on the banks of The Nile can be seen at all times as we slowly move along..

Do women have to cover their hair?

No, only if entering a mosque or if one is part of a conservative religious group. Women in Cairo and other big cities in Egypt are cosmopolitan and dress the way women do anywhere in Western society, but with a bit more modesty.

Do I need any special inoculations?

No, but an up to date tetanus shot is always a good safety measure.

Is there much crime?

The crime rate is far lower than most destinations and people are not allowed to carry guns or weapons of any kind. See state department sites for statistics.

Is use of alcohol allowed?

Alcoholic beverages are available in all hotels and a limited number of stores. However, drunkenness or use of recreational drugs is uncommon and strongly discouraged.

What are the religious demographics of Egypt?

85% Moslem, 15% Christian, the remainder being Bah'i Faith, Judaism and Hinduss offers? Say it here.

Can I shop with US dollars?

It's best to begin thinking in Egyptian pounds to avoid confusion. However, I recommend bringing $30 in new, crisp US dollar bills  for quick purchases or for tipping. Worn bills cannot be processed through money machines in banks.


The Pantheon of Ancient Egypt

Katrina will share her insights as we journey along The Nile.  You will learn about the pantheon of ancient Goddesses and Gods as we visit their corresponding temples and experience their distinct energies.